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Contact points to help save our beaches in Rincon Puerto Rico


Email the PR House and Senate:

Currently in the Senate and the House of Representatives there are two measures that address developments in the terrestrial maritime area and protect them for future generations and are:

House Project 0116 (PC 0116) and Senate Project 43 (P of S 43) seek: to create the ′′ Construction Moratorium Act in the Costanera Zone "; set out the scope and the duration of the moratorium; and to decree other complementary provisions.

House Project 0115 (PC 0115) and Senate Project (P of S 32) seek: to create Puerto Rico's Costanera Zone; to establish the public policy of the Government of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico in terms of protecting, administering and handling wise of maritime-terrestrial public domain goods in the coastal zone of Puerto Rico, as well as the coastal zone itself, to ensure citizens access to those freely, public and free for common use and harmonious enjoyment with nature; define the maritime-terrestrial zone, create the Office for the Management of the Costanera Zone, establish responsibilities and other purposes.

Step 1. Copy and Paste in the Email, the following content, please Enter your personal info where the 👉 [---] are at, before pushing the buttom of SEND:

[Enter Date]

Salutation Honorable member of legislature,

Government of Puerto Rico

Senado-EL Capitolio

P.O. Box 9023431

San Juan, PR. 00902-3431 

My name is [Enter Full Name]  and I live in [Enter your Home Town] , PR. I support the PC 00116 and PC 0115 measures in the House of Representatives and P of S 43 and P of the S 32 Senate PR because the beaches belong to the people and in the face of climate change onslaught We need to protect them. I hope you will support this measure so that you leave the committee and vote for it in the Chamber. I'll watch your vote.


[Enter Full Name]

Here are all the email addresses for all members of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Commission and the chairpersons of both bodies. 

Step 2. Copy and Paste the addresses below in the email:

altorres@senado.pr.gov; agarcia@senado.pr.gov; rruiz@senado.pr.gov; erosa@senado.pr.gov; migonzalez@senado.pr.gov; rtrujillo@senado.pr.gov; rsoto@senado.pr.gov; ghau@senado.pr.gov; mpadilla@senado.pr.gov; klcabrera@senado.pr.gov; rbernabe@senado.pr.gov; mlsantiago@senado.pr.gov; joarodriguez@senado.pr.gov; jvargas@senado.pr.gov; jldalmau@senado.pr.gov; ecardona@camaraderepresentantes.org; aponteorlando@gmail.com; estrellarepresentanted27@gmail.com; oficinadistrito30@gmail.com; jmorales@camaraderepresentantes.org; joelfranqui@gmail.com; representantepip@gmail.com; mnogales@camaraderepresentantes.org; burgoslisiepr@gmail.com; tatito@tatitohernandez.com


Contact NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service.

For a federal perspective, please contact NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) that handles marine species under the “Endangered Species Act of 1973,” to determine how it may apply to the current beach construction project. 

Please contact Ms. Kim Amendola, 727-551-5707 and/or Ms. Allison Garrett, 727-551-5707 from NMFS’s Southeast Fisheries Science Center (Miami) that services PR. Of particular interest is Dr. Chris Sasso, Acting Branch Chief of the Sea Turtle Branch (305-361-4279, chris.sasso@noaa.gov). 


Call or email Wildlife Law Enforcement, this construction is on the nesting site of endangered sea turtles. 

Report wildlife crime 24 hours a day to fws_tips@fws.gov or 1-844-FWS-TIPS (397-8477).

Ethical hunters, anglers and wildlife watchers provide the best information to catch criminals. Your tips and eyewitness accounts are invaluable in protecting wildlife and punishing poachers.

When reporting try to provide as much information as possible, such as:


National Partners for Fish and Wildlife:


Ivan Llerandi-Román, USFWS Habitat Restoration Programs Caribbean Coordinator: ivan_llerandi-roman@fws.gov , 787-851-7297 ext. 224

Aaron Valenta, Chief, Restoration and Recovery: aaron_valenta@fws.gov, (404) 679-4144

Robert Tawes, Chief, Division of Environmental Review: robert_tawes@fws.gov, (404) 679-7142

Nicole Rankin, Chief, Division of Conservation and Classification: nicole rankin@fws.gov, (404) 679-7089


Report incident to Nature Protection Offices and Government Agencies


 👉📑  Ombudsman PR - Report or "Querella"

*Note: Please provide report number from above steps ( 3 , 4 and 5) on each claim.

*Note: Report takes 48 hours to generate case number,  call in 2 days after submitting Report to receive case number. On the telephone  menú  select 👉 Manager/Gerencia

   Send  Email: ombudsmanpr@opc.pr.gov, with photos of the incident and any other contributed documentation.

Report/Querella @OmbudsmanPR website , the following Government Agencies:👇 

👉 Junta de Planificación  (pending link above).

👉 OGPe  and DRNA

👉 and/or Policía de Puerto Rico 

     5.  Email to Sr. Héctor Méndez 👉hmendez@fortaleza.pr.gov

Inter Agency Civil Coordinator

Office of Civil Service Agency 

@ Executive Mansion of Puerto Rico ,  (787)721-7000 


       *Note: Mr.  Méndez will  be following up all  emails with report case  numbers  from above  agencies mentioned. 

             6. President Sr. Manuel Hidalgo (María del Carmen Gordillo doesn't serve the public anymore). 

Junta de Planificación (787) 723-6200, Ext. 16623, 16126 

On call say: 

"I am in opposition to the permission of construction  by DRNA and OGPe at the  public beach and endangered turtle specie   habitad location in "Los Almendros"  Beach , Rincón Puerto Rico, in addition of a Federal Violation of Climate Change  Coastal Mitigation and Violation of invading endanger specie turtle nesting site".

        7. Sign this petition to the mayor of Rincón, titled in Spanish: 

           "Alcalde Carlos Lopez: Someta un injunction preliminar para paralizar la destruccion" 

             English Translation: "Mayor Carlos Lopez: File a preliminary injunction to stop the destruction"

8. Sign this petition to the governor.